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Introducing the "Pay What You Can" Q4 Growth Cohort for HighLevel20!


Get ready to dive into a three-month adventure that's all about boosting your business game – it's HighLevel20; Daily CEO Time designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs like you. 


Your participation will play a pivotal role in refining and enhancing this dynamic new program through your invaluable feedback.


HighLevel20: Where Mastermind Meets Accountability Group


Unlock the potential of your mornings by dedicating just 20 minutes each weekday to strategic planning for your business in HighLevel20. This unique initiative is a blend of a mastermind and an accountability group, offering you a chance to connect with like-minded, dedicated women entrepreneurs. Together, we'll zero in on business strategy, daily actions, and overcoming obstacles that stand in our way.

Developed through 400+ daily calls between our founders, HighLevel20 empowers you to experience reciprocal learning within a supportive community. By embracing the HighLevel20 format over a recommended period of three months (or at least a minimum of four weeks), you can make mind-blowing changes in your business. 

Ready for Your Time to Shine?

We're throwing open the doors to a whole new way of doing things with our "Pay What You Can" model. It's simple – you decide what works for you. By doing that, you're helping us make this program super sustainable and accessible. Win-win, right?


Simply complete the registration form by August 24. Let us know on that form the PWYC amount that works for you, the months you’ll be joining and all about you and your business! We'll be using that info - along with a "get-to-know-you" pre-interview, to match you up with the perfect business bestie(s) for this exciting Q4 cohort! 

Here's Your Game Plan (the requirements to participate):

  • Consistently attend weekday calls, starting from Tuesday, September 5.

  • Share your insights through a brief Friday survey.

  • Offer feedback on the program at its conclusion.

  • Make a minimum one-month commitment to the cohort.


Your VIP Ticket to Business Awesomeness:

Unlock the full HighLevel20 package, usually priced at $333 per quarter, at a PWYC amount that works for you. 


As this is a reciprocal learning group, in return for your commitment to join over at least four weeks (up to three months), and for you providing feedback and learnings on your experience, we are excited to be able to offer this special pricing.

Our Pay What you Can Model:

For the exceptional value you receive, the regular cost of the 3-month cohort is $333 CAD + tax. 

However, we're excited to share our "Pay What You Can" model, with a suggested rate of just $65 per quarter. By embracing this rate, you're contributing to a collective effort to maintain the sustainability of the Q4 cohort program. This reduced amount aligns with your commitment to actively participate, as outlined in the requirements.

HighLevel20: Empowering Your Mornings

Imagine this: every morning, our HighLevel20 calls serve up a mix of powerhouse women business owners, handpicked to inspire, motivate, and help you step up your CEO game.


The magic is facilitated by the awesome duo Jenna Cloughley and Laura-Jean Bernhardson. With 19 hours of live calls and over 24 hours of curated magic each quarter, that's a whopping 86 hours of pure business brilliance in this three month program.

Mark Your Calendar:

The PWYC 3-month cohort kicks off on September 5, 2023, and we're wrapping up the awesomeness on November 24, 2023 (holidays excluded).


Pop onto Zoom with us every weekday from 8:30 am to 8:50 am ET, and let's make each day count!

Growth Cohort Payment Dates:

Join for three months:

  • One cohort payment due: August 24

Join and pay monthly:

  • Month 1 (September) payments due: August 24

  • Month 2 (October) payment due: September 15

  • Month 3 (November) payment due: October 15

HighLevel20 logo.png
2023-08-13 - 14-14-10 - Julia Gray ---gray-julia- • Instagram photos and videos.png

We couldn’t ask for a better endorsement than this post from Julia Gray! Julia is an award winning researcher, writer, speaker and artist. Check her out on instagram here.

Meet the founders of HighLevel20


This pic is from a recent planning session for HighLevel20. On the left is me, Laura-Jean, kickass (but loving) Business Coach extraordinaire. 

On the right, the awesome and talented Jenna Cloughley, Tech Coach, Feminist, Community Builder and Change-Maker. 

Our passion is making the world a better place by supporting women in their entrepreneurial dreams and ventures. We want you to:

  • earn more money

  • have more joy

  • have less stress

  • feel connected, confident and powerful

  • be focused on your goals and get there!

If you have any questions about HighLevel20, please get in touch and email us at highleveltwenty@gmail.comWe'd love to help you decide if this program is right for you!

If you're a "Hell Yeah! I wanna be part of this!" then sign up today!

Who's this program for?


If you're too busy working IN your business to work ON your business then 

​High Level 20 was created just for YOU! 

Too many entrepreneurs get stuck "in the weeds" too often, and can even spend years there.

To grow and succeed you MUST spend time looking at your business from a high level, planning strategies that'll move you towards your vision, grow your business and create the life you deserve.

HighLevel20 is daily CEO time for women entrepreneurs in a curated community designed to deliver powerful results and committed emotional support in as little twenty minutes a day.

The core of the program is a proven framework for planning; a methodology that we developed and tested over the past 2+ years.

This takes place on a morning zoom call, 5 days a week from 8:30 - 8:50 ET, over a 3 month cohort, or for this PWYC cohort, you can commit month to month.

The 3 month fall cohort starts Tuesday September 5, 2023 and ENDS November 24, 2023.

We meet on zoom each weekday (holidays excluded) from 8:30am ET and run until 8:50am

The regular price is $333 CAD + HST but the suggested PWYC price is just $65 + HST for the whole quarter.

Be accountable

The structure of High Level 20 creates accountability. Not more excuses. You're in it to win it when you join High Level 20!

Be in community

The loneliness of entrepreneurship can be almost too much to bear at times. Having a group that believes in you, expects you to succeed and supports you along the way is a game changer.

Be focused

High Level 20 is designed to help you keep your vision alive. You started your business with a dream. Have you lost sight of it? Let's get it back and get you on track! 

Be excited

Being an entrepreneur is amazing and fun - except when it's not. Our meetings are uplifting and inspiring, helping you stay in a success and growth mindset, ready to take action daily!

What you get:

- a 20 minute zoom call, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 8:50 am ET

- additional optional zoom meetings including group business coaching, group tech coaching and more

- peer support and experienced leadership 

- an opportunity to put your CEO time first

- the structure and support to fulfil on showing up for your planning time, as well support in fulfilling on your plans

- belonging; a community of women who believe in you 

- business besties - be matched with like-minded women entrepreneurs for ongoing peer support

Here's what to expect: 

After filling out the form at the "Join Us" link below, we'll be in touch to set up a short get-to- know-you-call". This gives us a chance to connect and find out more about you so we can match you with the best business bestie possible. Payment will be accepted after the call. 

Ready to join?

Got questions for us? We'll be happy to chat and make sure this is the right fit for you.  Email us at and let's get that conversation started!

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