A money program that takes you

from just getting by

to making more money than you ever dared set your sights on!

If you’re looking for something to help you sort out the money in your business, see opportunities to make more cash, build a plan to make that cash, and move past your internal money blocks and discomfort, then Money First is the program for you.

Money First is a six-month one-on-one coaching program for entrepreneurs who are sick of just getting by, know they can increase the amount of personal income they’re making from their businesses, and want to plow through any crap that’s in the way of making the money of their dreams.

Get clear on the money in your business and the rest is easy

Making the kind of money you dream of is simpler  than you might think. Most of it is just getting a handle on what money does in your business, and clearing out the money blocks your brain throws in your way.


Right now, you’re stuck. You’re on track to make pretty much the same amount of personal income from your business as you did last year. And next year doesn’t look like it has a lot more to offer in that department.


You love your business, and you love working in it, but you know you could be making more, you just can’t see a path to getting there. And when you think about it, your brain gets on the sabotage treadmill…


“You don’t need to make more. You’re fine. Don’t be greedy.”


“The only way to make more money is to use slimy sales tactics.”


“If you try to grow your business and fail, what will people think of you? You’ll look like a fool.”


“You don’t know how to grow this business, silly. And learning how will take so much time that your business will go under while you learn.”


“Who do you think you are charging that much for your services?”


Sound familiar?


Now, imagine instead that you have a simple, straightforward, and clear roadmap to making more personal income from your business. Imagine that you have tools to use to guide you when you're lost. Imagine you have someone to call to help you confront those fears and smash through them when your brain wants to sabotage you.


That sounds like it could make a huge impact on your bottom line.


There’s no mystical key to making more money held by the Illuminati. No DaVinci Code to unlock.


There’s just building an understanding of what money does in your business, how to give it jobs that make you more money, and smash through the junk in your mind that has been piling up around money.


You want to make the money you know you should be making in your business. I’ve created a coaching program to uncover the places you could be making more money, destroy your money mindset blocks, and build the business income of your dreams.

“Laura-Jean’s coaching has got me from fuddled to clear so quickly! Her honest and caring style helps me where I’m keeping myself small, and her cheerleading gets me doing uncomfortable things. Within a month of working with her, my business is on track to earn $100,000 next year, which is an amount of money I could never have imagined! And I have a plan to make that happen!”


Trista DeVries, Trista DeVries & Co.

I’m Laura-Jean, and I used to be just like you

Right now, you know me as the founder and CEO of three Fresh Collective brick-and-mortar fashion boutiques, the co-owner of a daycare, and the owner of a wellness centre.


But the part you don’t know is that I have had the exact same money struggles you’re having right now.


I used to be so afraid of money. I couldn’t even face looking at the money in my business, let along figuring it out to move towards a better income. The struggles I faced for nearly two decades in my own businesses – I was so upset, so lost, and so alone – wouldn’t have happened if I understood money.


Money was a massive block for me. The debt I took on to grow my business felt like a huge weight I would never get paid off. I would have panic attacks while trying to talk to my bookkeeper and accountant. I just couldn't deal with -- and face --  the money in my business!


One day in October 2012, I had 3 stores, 15 employees, a clothing line, a studio and an office.... and only 18 cents in my business bank account. Although things looked good on the outside, the reality was I was on a crash course with bankruptcy. The way I was trying to grow my business was full of holes, my leadership was weak, the systems in my business weren't working , and emotionally, I was a mess.

I'm proud to say those three stores are still standing today -- and they're thriving! Since 2012, I have actually opened two more business (both brick-and-mortar) and started a booming coaching practice. I did this by facing my fears and changing my money mindset. I reframed my business debt as a positive. I became a stronger leader by asking for results and holding people accountable. I made budgets and sales targets and learned to stick to both. 

Now, I'm making income I thought was impossible! It's easy to stay on track with my businesses, and I no longer worry about money.

“I can't believe the impact Laura-Jean has had on me!


She's guided me through everything from outlining business strategies, to helping me visualize the kind of future I want to inhabit - as an artist, as a human, as an entrepreneur.

She asks just the right questions and brings a wealth of personal and practical experience to her advisory role. I honest-to-god feel like she saved me from ten years of flailing in just 2 months.

The combination of her know-how and creativity are just the things I needed to put my jet-packs on.”


Jessica Heimstra, Artist/Writer

Introducing the

Money First Coaching Program

Building your personal income is easier than you think.


The Money First Coaching Program has everything you need to stop just getting by in your business in only six months.


This program is based on my own experience running my businesses, as well as my work coaching business owners just like you.


Here’s what you get in the Money First Coaching Program:

We SEE where you’re leaving money on the table


In the first month, we dive deep into the money, your business model and into your mindset.


  • Together, we look at income, expenses, and past trends and create an easy-to-understand dashboard, so you know where all your money is and we can see a clear path to making more money in the future.

  • We analyze your pricing and business model for opportunities to maximize what’s already working.

  • We look hard at what you believe about money and how you judge yourself when money is in the mix.

We BUILD a roadmap to your business success


  • Together, we map out what strategies you’ll use and what activities to do to get you where you want to go.

  • We look at any gaps you have in knowledge, skills, or confidence and create a plan to fill them in.


We GROW your income by working through that plan


  • I’ll be there to support you as you take the steps set up in the roadmap.

  • Together, we will discuss, review, tweak, and celebrate every step of the way.


You’ll get:


  • a full business analysis to assess your strengths and weaknesses

  • 1 120-minute kick off strategy session

  • 3 60-minute sessions during the first month

  • 10 45-minute one-on-one sessions during the remaining five months (two per month)

  • access to my Facebook group Unfuck Your Business Club during your six months

  • access to my group zoom meetings

  • ongoing support by email or text for the six months


*All sessions are done over the phone.

Your total investment for the program is $6000

(monthly payment plan available)

“Laura-Jean is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, supportive, encouraging and just has amazing business ideas and suggestions. She can really help you get to the heart of what your business is about and can inspire you to face all of its day-to-day challenges. She’ll even have you doing things that you didn’t think you had in you!

I’m lucky to have her in my life and I wouldn’t dream of starting another business without her coaching.”


Jaclyn Ray, Clutter Wrangler

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m really revved up about helping women make this jump in their income. I know what it did for me, so I know exactly what it can do for you.


In our initial 120-minute strategy call, we will have a frank discussion about money – where you’re at, what your mindset is right now, and look at your business to see where you can make more money.


If, after that call, we’re not both SUPER excited about working together and pushing through the hard stuff to make with work together, then we won’t go ahead. I want success in your business, and our relationship is one of the key parts of this program.

Stop worrying about money - start making it!

I created the Money First Coaching Program to help women make big changes in the financial health of their businesses. If you feel like you’re leaving money on the table and KNOW you’re not making what you should, this is the program for you.


Here's what you get:

  • a full business analysis

  • 1 120-minute kick off strategy session*

  • 3 60-minute sessions during the first month (one per week)

  • 10 45-minute one-on-one sessions during the remaining five months (two per month)

  • access to my Facebook client support group during your 6 months

  • access to my group zoom meetings

  • ongoing support by email or text for the 6 months


*All sessions are done over the phone.

Your total investment for the program is $6000

(monthly payment plan available)


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