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Online Marketing Assistance


​​Look, you don’t have to do everything yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t.


Smart business owners grow their business by focusing on what they do best, and letting other people handle the rest.

If marketing, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, lead magnets and algorithms aren’t your jam, let us handle it all for you.

We're awesome at it!


My team is amazing at the "doing" part of the job. And strategy? I've got your back!


Here's how our service works:

Step 1) We have an assessment call to discuss your marketing goals and monthly budget


Step 2) We create a plan for you that matches your budget and caters to your marketing needs


Step 3) You stop worrying and focus on what you do best in your business!

Your time is one of your most valuable resources, and if you're starting out as a small business owner, you'll eventually run into the fact that you can't always afford to do everything yourself. And that's definitely speaking from personal experience!


Knowing when to get help and delegate tasks to others will let you maximize your entrepreneurial talents and give you more control over how your business operations run as a whole. As entrepreneurs, we get lost in the minutae of day-to-day responsibilities and fed up with the parts of business management that we're not strong in or fond of. My Online Marketing Management service is just one affordable way to help you free up more time for what you do best!


This tailored service lets you to choose from a number of marketing tasks you're ready to take off your plate. Let someone else do the grunt work of updating your Instagram, writing your copy and creating your graphics, and you'll be amazed at how much more productive you'll become in your business!


Choose 3 from the following list of services:


  • Scheduled publications on social media channels (ex. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)

  • Newsletter design and distribution

  • Assistance with upcoming events or projects

  • Social metrics reports

  • Scheduled blog publications

  • Assistance with paid social media ad campaign development

  • Updates to web visuals on company pages and social media profiles

  • Creating graphics for web content

  • Website maintenance

  • Editing and publishing video content



Your service investment is $500/month

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