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Video is the BEST and FASTEST way to share your message and have people "know, like and trust" you! 

Sign up for this challenge and sharpen up your video skills while sharing your message - and your SELF - with the members of Entrepreneurs: Unstuck and In Action! 

You'll get an email a day for 5 days with a training and a fun assignment to get you unstuck and in action making awesome videos as part of your online marketing strategy!

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Love Fresh Collective's style?

Love sharing fashion with your audience

on social media? 

Love discounts and earning money?

Our Affiliate Program may be for you! 

Brick and Mortar Opportunity Page

Calling all independent shop owners!

I'm a business coach (and retailer) doing a blog series on bricks and mortar business owners and their shops!

Our shops help make our communities and our cities GREAT, and as we know, we're not in the easiest of industries.

My goal is to share the heart and soul of the owners: why they run their shops and what it takes to succeed!

If you'd like to be featured, click the picture above! 

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