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Client Profile - Minerva Maharajh

I met Minerva in our Savvy Biz Workshops. She is an incredible woman with a great business and a passion for helping people tap into spirituality and make spiritual practices part of their everyday life.

Her business, Goddess of Wisdom Coaching, has been so far centered around workshops, one-on-one client work and speaking engagements, so launching a retreat was a new and exciting challenge for her.

Her retreat is all about unplugging from the busy-ness of life and having the time and space to simplify and connect to yourself.

Hearing her describe it, with candlelight yoga, guided meditations, sacred ceremonies, massage and delicious food all in a beautiful nature setting, it sounded amazing and I thought it would be a slam dunk for her audience and client base who want to be immersed in “everything Minerva” for a whole weekend.

However, she came to me for one-on-one coaching because she was stuck. It was just not selling like she hoped, and she wasn’t sure just what the issue was.

In a one hour call, we talked about various aspects of the project- from profit margin to goals to how she was marketing it and more.

We looked at the poster and I could easily see the biggest area of opportunity was in redesigning it and creating clarity, so we focused our efforts on that.

I felt confident, based on what Minerva was telling me, that everything else would fall into place once the poster communicated the retreat more accurately.

Here’s the before:

What I wanted to have the poster communicate, through words, pictures and design, was the feeling Minerva’s clients were seeking.

I knew that what they were buying was space, clarity, peace, a connection with themselves and Minerva’s guidance through the experience, so I wanted the poster to convey all that very simply.

I also wanted to make sure words were very carefully chosen to make sure that this retreat was differentiated from all the other retreats out there that offer yoga, meditation and the like.

I knew, knowing Minerva and hearing her speak about it, that this retreat was going to be a one-of-a-kind transformative experience. But the poster wasn’t conveying that yet.

As we closed our call, I told Minerva I would do a very quick mock up to show her the direction I was thinking the poster could go.

She emailed back, “O. M. G!!!! I LOVE simple and its straight to the point! Definitely love the direction!”

She took my suggestions and tweaked my mock up to get this by that afternoon:

I emailed her back, “LOOKS AMAZING!!! Don't you feel so clear and full of possibilities about it now???? OMG. I'm so excited for you!”

She replied, “OMG I FEEL SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! Now I am actually excited to do calls and talk about my retreat...before I was like "ahhh...will people like this, will they get it...what if..." blah blah blah!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

This is what we do in a business coaching session.

What do you want to create, transform or turn around in your business today?

I’m excited to hear from you. - xo Laura-Jean

Client profile blogs are done in partnership and with full approval of the client being profiled. Of course all coaching is 100% confidential unless otherwise agreed upon.

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