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Client Profile - Rebecca Naylor

I first met Rebecca in one of our Savvy Business Workshops and could clearly see her passion and expertise from our first conversation. Her business is Chronically Well Club, which offers a range of services to support people around their health.

“Whether you have a diagnosis, suspect a diagnosis, support someone with a diagnosis or want to prevent a diagnosis, Chronically Well Club is for you.

In 1997, at the age of 17, Rebecca Naylor was diagnosed with the chronic autoimmune disorder Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Having lived with MS in her family for more than a decade already, she was determined to regain her health on her own terms.

Rebecca has spent the past 20 years exploring numerous areas of natural wellness and self-care, experimenting on herself in order to identify patterns and cause/effect relationships. She remains entirely in remission, with no new lesions or disease activity on her MRI scans!”

While Rebecca is clearly extremely knowledgeable and passionate, she expressed to me a fear that her complete lack of familiarity with entrepreneurship and the sales process would hold her back from creating a successful side business to run alongside her career as a professional educator.

I was excited to work with her and see what could be put in place so she could move forward on her business confident about the future she’s creating for herself and for her clients.

In our one-on-one coaching session, I could see that she had set up several great lead generation systems. In collaboration with Happy Healthy Women, Rebecca holds weekly support and empowerment meetings where people can come for community and connection. Starting in March, she will also offer twice monthly workshops to share specific expertise and resources.

Rebecca has a blog that she contributes to consistently, a weekly newsletter subscription, and a Facebook page that is also being regularly updated.

(A great example of a post from her Facebook page which gives her audience a chance to connect with her on a personal level and start to see what she has to offer while building trust. Here’s the Puppy Wise blog post to which she’s referring).

When I asked her what had her stuck, she explained that while she can easily attract and connect with people and find ways to help them, she finds it incredibly hard to switch into “sales mode”.

For people who are building a heart centered business with a goal to share their passions and help people, it’s a common issue that sales can seem like they taint the whole thing!

Rebecca’s mission is to help people discover their power to heal naturally. She said she didn’t want people to feel like she was “pushing” anything on them, or that her priority was financial gain.

The reality is, though, that if what you have to offer is valuable, people will WANT to be able to buy!

It’s being of service to be able to offer them easy options and make it easy to buy.

Money is the fuel that will allow you to continue to do what you’re doing. It would be tragic to have to shut down the business and stop helping people because you ran out of fuel.

Over the call, I coached Rebecca on several strategies to make sales much more natural and easy, and to communicate what is available to buy very clearly.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the bigger points that we covered in this awesome info packed one hour phone call:

MINDSET: It’s very important to get into the mindset that what she has to offer is valuable and people will want to buy it and to be operating from that place. It’s being of service to create ways for them to pay for what they want and need.

I asked her to put it into her morning meditation or whatever ritual will have her truly understand that mindset through and through.

MENU PLANNING: We talked about a “menu of services” so people can find a way to engage that works for them. I suggested that Rebecca lay out a variety of options. Having things laid out so people can choose what works for them in terms of price and timing removes more of the obstacles to buy.

Rebecca’s services now include free support meetings, workshops at a $29 price point, hourly coaching at $60-75/hour, In-Home Health Audits for $249, all the way up to an intensive 6-module program called Getting Chronically Well, priced at $199/module or $999 for the full program.

Having options laid out clearly for people that allow them to choose different ways of engaging at different price points helps the sales process become more about what they are interested in choosing rather than you needing to “sell” anything.

It also helps people see what you’re all about at a glance.

For example, seeing a schedule of workshops that include various topics (such as nutrition for chronic illness, making homemade natural cleaners, or education about alternative treatments) allows people to see more of your expertise and what your business offers. Then they can choose which ones work for them in terms of topic, timing and price.

COMMUNICATION: We talked about simple and easy ways of communicating about these options, including signage and fliers at the free events and a page on the website that lays everything out clearly, including the prices.

We also went through a few of the details like invoicing, payment plans and the language around how to talk about these things.

For example, I suggest answering a price objection with, “I do have a payment plan option that works like this….” as opposed to “Well, you could pay in three installments, I guess….”

As soon as you’re prepared with a “payment plan” it helps normalize that conversation and makes you seem like a trustworthy professional.

Just planning your way through the details and making up your policies can help immensely, then planning the language around that so the conversation flows naturally.

I left the call feeling very excited about Rebecca’s brand new business. In the end, it was some very practical advice I was able to walk her through to get her pointed in the direction towards a sustainable business.

I know her business will make a massive difference in the lives of her clients, and I’m proud to be able to be a part of helping her grow it.

Regarding her one-hour coaching session, Rebecca says:

“I am so grateful to Laura-Jean! I am committed to helping more and more people discover their power to heal naturally, yet my ignorance of basic business concepts was affecting my confidence and holding me back significantly. Having worked in public education for 14 years, the concept of selling was uncomfortable at best!

In just one hour, I was able to identify key assumptions I had around money, value and integrity. I have much stronger faith that the services I offer are vitally important to people affected by autoimmunity and chronic illness. I understand that I deserve to be compensated for sharing the expertise I have spent two decades developing, and I have found the language that works for me.

With such a detailed action plan, I was able to immediately update my website, clarify my range of services, fix my price points, register for my HST#, create my invoice template, and prepare to begin selling.

I am so excited to share that yesterday I had my first client ask to hire me as his coach! I was able to confidently refer him to my online “menu” to select the most suitable service for his needs. By the end of the week, I will finalize my first contract.

If you are new to entrepreneurship, I highly recommend a coaching session with Laura-Jean. She is experienced, knowledgeable, direct and action-oriented, while also being empathetic, inspiring, and an active listener. She hears you, feels your vision, and takes pride in rapidly and effectively nurturing you and your business.

Best. Hour. Spent. :)”

This is what we do in a business coaching session!

What would you like to transform in your business today?



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