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Client Profile - Sophie Ash

Sophie Ash BSc (Hons), DipION is a passionate and knowledgeable Nutritional Therapist at On Your Plate. I met her in our Savvy Biz Workshops. In fact, at our first workshop, she announced that she had quit her full-time job that day to focus on her business full time!

Given this new start, Sophie was brimming with ideas and excitement, to the point where she found it hard to figure out exactly where to start!

Which of her ideas were better? How should she prioritize them?

Ack! Passion was turning into paralysis!

In a one-on-one business coaching session, we dug into Sophie’s passion for helping women heal from within. Through discussion, we discovered that Sophie has a particular eagerness to work with women over 40.

We talked about the challenges that women go through as they age – metabolic and hormonal changes, juggling their family and career, and more. We discussed the signs of ill health that many women have, which often can’t be explained by conventional medicine.

Sophie’s experience working with women over 40 was pointing her towards focusing on this as a speciality. I could hear her passion, connection, and commitment clearly. But, at the same time, she couldn’t figure out why she was being pulled in this direction.

“Why would they want to work with me when I’m so much younger than them?”, she asked.

I replied “Good question. Why would they? What do you have to offer them?”

Sophie explained to me that she empathizes strongly with women over 40, as she’s been passed from one doctor to the next too, with no clear pathway to good health. It can be very difficult to know what’s making you sick when all of your medical test results come back negative!

She told me that because women over 40 have experienced so many ups and downs in their health, and sought so many medical opinions without much success, she desperately wants to help them.

However, she was worried that she didn’t fully understand the needs of women in this age group because she wasn’t actively engaging with them on a regular basis.

Sophie paused, let out a breath, and said, “Wow. I’ve never really put this together and said it out loud before. I can see it so clearly now!”

In our call, we put together a plan of exactly how Sophie could start to build an audience of women over 40 and serve that market effectively.

What happened in that call was a mindset shift for Sophie. Talking things through helped her see just how much she has to offer. It allowed her to start coming from a place of providing value, instead of being stuck on where to focus her efforts.

She created a clear path to go forward, and her passion and creativity was FREE! She went into action mode!

The next day, Sophie started creating a Facebook support group to connect with, serve, and offer value to women over 40. In this group, she offers free advice and content, whilst showcasing her expertise and offering women the option to work with her one-on-one if they need additional support.

She even created a strategic team of experts who also specialize in serving women over 40, inviting them to join forces with her. This provides more great content for the women who join the group, and opens up the market for sharing the group fivefold!

Sophie is now unleashed and on fire working on her business!

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“When I spoke to Laura, I was in need of some support and guidance. I felt like I was drowning in ideas! I needed to get some solid Lead Generation strategies in place but I didn't know how.

Laura quickly figured out exactly what was holding me back: I felt afraid of my target audience because I didn't really know them that well. She told me about her own valuable learning experiences and gave me some great tips on how to speak to my ideal clients.

I left the session feeling excited, rejuvenated, focused, and very grateful! I'd highly recommend working with Laura if you need help getting clarity on the next steps to take within your business.”

This is what we do in a business coaching session!

What would you like to transform in your business today?



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