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Free Virtual Meet-Ups in April!

Join me every Wednesday evening at 8 pm all April long!

I'm hosting insightful and authentic discussions and coaching on 4 important topics by Zoom meeting. Get your cup of tea or glass of wine and join in.

Join once, or join all four! All are welcome and it's free!

Wednesday April 4, 8 pm - 9 pm, by Zoom meeting

What would it mean to fully step into your leadership? Where are you finding yourself playing small, not communicating your expectations or trying to be “nice”? Many women entrepreneurs struggle with this - I know I have! - and yet, it’s key to creating the business of your dreams! Join us for authentic and insightful group coaching on the topic of leadership and what it can mean to your business.

Wednesday April 11, 8 pm - 9pm. By Zoom meeting

It’s been said that the world is run by those who show up!

Start exercising this muscle now! If you sign up for this session, show up to it!

We’ll have an exciting and insightful discussion on commitment, follow-through and leadership, and how these are the MOST important skills to being able to run a successful business!

Wednesday April 18, 8 pm - 9pm

Ever have those days? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs, especially those who work alone, suffer from times of extreme demotivation. This group coaching session will be an insightful conversation of ways to gain power over your time and energy and get things done. No magic tricks, this is about finding what works for you, through participating and sharing what’s going on for you. Exercising the motivation muscle starts now! If you sign up for this session, don’t let it slide off your list come 7:50 pm on April 18. Put it in your calendar, commit to coming and working on transforming your work habits and your business!

Wednesday April 25, 8 pm - 9pm by Zoom Meeting

We all know that expanding your network means more opportunity and more clients.

But how?

Going to networking meetings can seem awkward and take forever to produce results. Should you be tweeting more, joining more Facebook groups?

How do you know what’s effective and really going to get you to your goals?

Join us for this authentic and insightful group coaching session. You may even make some new connections here!

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