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The Business of Being Creative

As I gear up for my first ever session of The Business of Being Creative: A 28 Day Bootcamp for Making Mad Money With Your Creative Passion, I'm thinking a lot about some of my favourite wildly creative souls.

My friend (and fellow Prince fan) sent me this 13 minute video of Baby I'm a Star.

I watched this video thinking:

💥 Did he ever think "I wonder if this is too much?"

💥 What did it take for him to create all this?

💥 What vision it took to create all that down to the details of saying "The sax player will wear fringe bracelets!"

💥 And the commitment to creating his world that included building Paisley Park!

💥 Did he struggle with "What will people think?" as he wrote those lyrics and strutted around in those outfits?

💥 What kinds of things could I accomplish if I was that dedicated to allowing my uniqueness to shine in a massive way, without restraint?

💥 What kinds of things could I accomplish if I was as dedicated and committed to producing excellent work as I assume he must have been to do all he did.

And I would love to see the business infrastructure that was happening all through his career.

So many systems, standards and processes would have to be set up to allow creativity to flow from him like it did!

These are the kinds of questions (and many more) we'll be asking ourselves in the Bootcamp.

It's all about clarifying (and amplifying!) vision and then putting the business structures in place to let that vision shine so other people can connect with it.

And this isn't just a Bootcamp for entrepreneurs in traditionally creative fields like blogging, photography and design.

It's also for more traditional business owners who want to approach their business with a whole new level of creativity.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs get to their goals FAST!

Check out what one of my one-on-one clients has to say:

"I hired Laura-Jean as a Business Coach to help me put my unruly ducks in a row.

And I can't believe the impact she's had on me - from outlining business strategies, to helping me visualize the kind of future I want to inhabit - as an artist, as a human, as an entrepreneur.

She asks just the right questions and brings a wealth of personal and practical experience to her advisory role.

I honest-to-god feel like she saved me from ten years of flailing in just 2 months.

The combination of her know-how and creativity are just the things I needed to put my jetpacks on. "

Jessica (Joy) Hiemstra

Artist | Writer

Join us in the Business of Being Creative: A 28 Day Business Bootcamp for Making Mad Money with Your Creative Passions.

Price $350 after April 20.

$299 before April 20 with Promocode EARLYBIRD.

See you there!

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