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Business Power Hour - back and better than ever for 2019!

2018 has been an incredible year for Business Power Hour. This is a free group coaching and support session for women entrepreneurs that I hold at my Roncesvalles location throughout the year.

Over time, it’s developed into a community of women all learning from each other and getting my coaching around any issue at all that has them stuck and frustrated.

I started this as a way to introduce women to my coaching, and convert them into clients, and that’s wonderful and it works, but there are some surprising benefits beyond that!

The biggest for me is the community. I had years where I spent much too much time terrified and alone with my business problems. Not surprisingly, I spent a lot of time in my head with worry and stories about how everyone was doing great and I was the only one struggling.

At Business Power Hour, you see you’re never alone. We all go through hard times, sleepless nights and shower cries. It’s normal. And when you can talk about it and even laugh about it in a group where everyone believes in you, wants the best for you and has been there, it’s magic.

You can wrap up those self-doubts and toss them in the garbage and get to work fast on your next exciting project.

Another amazing result is that bringing together women with such varied backgrounds and expertise means there is so much knowledge in the room.

And finally, it’s a networking opportunity. As we all talk about our businesses, people in the group are often like, “Hey, that’s what I need!” and a conversation about working together starts.

Business Power Hours will be back in January 2019. Want to stay in the know so you don’t miss one? Join my mailing list here!

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