How my Client Made $500 from a Practice Video!

I've come to realize there are just two essential elements to success in your business.

Courage and know-how.

When you have access to those two things, it gets you off your butt and in action, trying things in your business.

In my Unfuck Your Business Club, we are all there for each other for courage and know-how, 365 days of the year.

The know-how part comes with being able to get fast feedback from me and the group so your efforts are going in the right direction and you can fine tune as you go.

And the courage comes from being surrounded and supported by others who are also going for it!

Kara from Sparkplug Coffee has a goal of increasing her number of subscribers this year. She and I talked (in one of our one-on-one coaching sessions) about a campaign, using video, where she tells people how awesome the coffee is.

She posted an early practice video in our group for feedback, which you can see here.

(Sorry for the horrible quality of this copy! I had to record it off my screen as I couldn't download it!)

The most incredible thing happened when the group went to give feedback. Despite the hesitations in delivery and the unpolished-ness of it, 2 of the 7 group members were excited to try the coffee and signed up for autopilot.

That results in $500 in sales for Kara this year, just from sharing this practice video to our small group!

Here's the final version that went out on her Facebook page.

Kara was excited to report that it got viewed by 2.5x more people than follow Sparkplug and about 5x the reach of their usual posts.

I'm super excited about the 18 shares! (See the little arrow and 18? That means 18 people liked it enough to share it out to their friends!)

This opens up a whole new world for Kara to talk about her business, educate people about coffee, how best to make it, her different blends and so on. And always let her passion shine through.

You see, people buy from people. And seeing a business owner talking about their business on video can be a major game-changer.


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