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Buy a $200 Ad, Help House a Family

Yep, I've got another fundraiser going on!

I'm raising $1000 towards this family by selling 5 ad packages at $200 each.

Read their story and how a group of us has been working for over 2 years to get them to safety in Canada.

Here's what you get:

- A post on my blog about your business (I can create it for you, don't worry.)

- 5 social media shares from me promoting your business to drive people to the blog


- Donate an extra $200 and I will create targeted Facebook ads for your target market and spend $100

(If you take the bonus opportunity, $300 will go to the family and $100 to ad spend. I keep nothing... just to be clear. 😃 )

I will design the ads and blog post for you. It will be easy! Don't worry!

How do you do it?

Start by making your donation to this page - $200 for the basic ad, $400 for the bonus.

Email me at to get started!

I'll share a template with you, and ask for 3 - 5 pictures for your package.

What audience are you getting access to?

My audience is mostly Toronto and Ontario based. Lots of entrepreneurs and women.

I have approx. 3500 Facebook audience and over 1000 on instagram.

Questions? Want to discuss before you commit?

Email me at and we'll chat.

Want to help out even more?

Become 1 of the 24 and take on raising $1000 in your own community.

Read more about that here!

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