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Become 1 of the 24 - Help a Syrian Family Come to Canada

I've been part of a group helping this family for over 2 years now.

After a brutally long wait in a terrible situation, their time has come.

They arrive in Toronto April 24!

The problem? We had a donated apartment promised 2 years ago. Because of the long wait, the apartment could not be held.

So we are now raising money for housing.

(We've already successfully raised over $14k for living expenses.)

We're building a team of 24 people, each taking on raising $1000 each.

Here's a stock photo of 23 people. What's missing? YOU! 😍

Will you be 1 of the 24?

We've done this successfully before. So we know we can do it again.

What kind of people can join the 24?

Anyone who wants to make a difference. Ordinary people can do this.

In fact, if you can simply inspire 20 people to each donate 50 dollars, we will have more than enough.

You may be:

  • A community leader in your school, workplace, church, mosque or synagogue

  • Someone in the media with a following – you have a popular blog or other kind of audience

  • A small business owner

  • Someone with a large group of family and friends

Ways you can work to raise the $1000:

  • Do a fundraiser in your community

  • Do an initiative with your business

  • Share on social media and ask 20 people to donate $50 each

What if you don't reach $1000?

You're not obligated in any way if you join us. We've seen that some people raise more, and some raise a bit less, and it's all amazing.

Bit by bit when we work together, we reach the goal.

And our group will help you come up with an idea and succeed if you need a bit of support.

(Here's a post about one family's efforts in our first big fundraiser. They ended up smashing through the $1000 goal!)

Here's a link to MY own $1000 fundraiser. I'm selling advertising packages for $200 each.

How to get started? Just get in touch with me through Facebook PM or email at

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