Why Coaches NEED Coaches

In October 2018, I started thinking about becoming a speaker. I imagined myself speaking at women's entrepreneurship conferences across the country and what that could do for my coaching business.

And, I had a lot of stuff in my way.

Fears about public speaking. Didn't know how to structure a talk. Didn't know how to get into those conferences.

And it could have been one of those things that just lived in the background for years.

Instead, I sought out a coach.

And here I am. March of 2019, delivering a talk at Powerful Women Today's event.

This journey started November 2, 2018. I attended Odette Peek's Speak Up Live one day event.

Interested? There's one coming up on April 23! Find out more here.

Within 10 minutes I thought, "Ah shit. I know I'm buying whatever she's selling. I just hope it's not too expensive!"

Next thing I know? I'm buying her online course and booking my ticket to Tampa.

(You can even see me in Odette's promo video above!)

Tampa was amazing! I came back with a whole new outlook on what my coaching business could be and how to get there.

I typed up the sales page for The Unfuck Your Business Club on the plane ride home, and a sales strategy for it.

I also came out with the start of a signature talk and this video.

When you have a coach, you get to take the elevator.

For me to go from fearful and curious about speaking to booking a speaking gig at a conference and speaking in front of 250 women in just a few months - THAT'S what coaching is all about.

And to flip it around - if you're a coach who isn't getting where you want with your business AND you don't have a coach?

That just doesn't make sense.

Right now, I'm going through my own rapid transformation because I'm on Odette's elevator.

I'm doing the work, facing my fears, taking the coaching, and then sharing everything I get for myself with my clients.

I'm 10 X the coach I was last year.

How do I know? My coaching revenue for 2019 is on track to be over 10 X what it was in 2018.

This isn't me bragging. This is me walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

All those things we as coaches want our clients to do, I'm doing. Confronting my fears. Living outside my comfort zone.

Investing in my growth. Learning. Taking it to the next level.

And as a coach, I now KNOW I can help people transform their businesses fast, because I'm creating the blueprint in my own.

I couldn't say that when I started coaching. I wondered if I had what it takes to lead people where they need to go.

And my coaches (there have been a few over the years) helped me get there.

By the way, I've noticed a trend with coaches as clients. They often are coaching in the very area they need a breakthrough in themselves.

They are empowerment coaches who are stuck with their own limiting beliefs and not growing their businesses because of them.

Marketing consultants who can't quite figure out how to market their services.

It's normal. When I started officially as a Business Coach, I felt stupid and stuck when I found myself not taking the actions I knew I had to take!

Guess who helped me get unstuck and make it all work? A coach!

It's really not easy to apply what you know so well to your own business!

If this is you... walk the walk and find the right coach for you!

Ready to Unfuck Your Business, then get in touch with me!

Networking up a storm at the Powerful Women Today event!

I'm owning my colourful personal brand more than ever this year. I know I don't show up looking like a typical Business Coach and I LOVE that!

Odette talks about getting your "stake in the ground" and really owning your brand, mission and purpose. Unfucking businesses is my stake DEEP in the ground.

An amazing organization I look forward to getting more involved with!

Signing up more people for Discovery Calls. 23 calls booked that day! Plus many more connections made! Wahoo!

Total vanity shot. I just love how great my hair looks! This shot makes me feel like I belong on a stage with a microphone!

Just a few days before my big speaking gig, Odette hosted her clients in a two and a half day Mastermind to work on our talks. The first evening was a visit to iFly and I LOVED it!

Aside from being fun, this experience gave me the terrifying/exciting feeling of doing something brand new - just like standing on a stage speaking!

Here's the gang in Odette's Ovation program! If you want to be a speaker, Odette is the coach for you! Find out more about her here.

If you want to Unfuck Your Business, then get in touch with me!

And if you're a coach and your business isn't working like you want it to, you need a coach!

Coaching works. You should know better than anyone! 😉

The last day of our Mastermind program. So much great work with great people!


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