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CLIENT PROFILE: Meet professional organizer Kelsey Marion from Get Sorted!

I love my clients! Client Profiles are a regular feature on my blog, and great source of entrepreneurial wisdom for anyone navigating the world of business. Read the stories and get inspired by entrepreneurs like you!

Laura-Jean: Tell me about your business!

Kelsey Marion: I'm a professional organizing expert running Get Sorted, a decluttering and organizing service based in Toronto, Ontario. My mission is to help people release their limiting beliefs and emotions surrounding clutter.

I have a degree in social work and a background in visual arts, so Get Sorted is the perfect way to blend my strengths, and I'm super thrilled to bring the joy of uncluttered living to Toronto! Getting sorted is about more than just organizing your stuff - it's about taking control of your home, mind, & lifestyle.

LJ: How did you get into doing what you do?

KM: I used to be extremely disorganized, in many areas. It's part of my nature, which probably sounds so strange given the career path I've taken!

A few years ago, I recognized that my levels of disorganization were becoming a major contributor to my anxiety and negatively impacting my own mental health. I had strong unhealthy attachments to people and things; I was disorganized in school, money, and with the general order of things in my home.

I decided to get my life sorted because I was tired of living that way. I actively worked towards unlearning the habits that were holding me back, turning my disorganized life into one I have more control over. It inspired me to use my experience and what I've learned to help others get their lives sorted.

LJ: What does your average day look like, as an entrepreneur?

KM: I've learned to “wear many hats.” If I'm not working with clients to declutter/organize their spaces, I'm working on social media content, business development with my coach or networking groups, heading to networking events and taking part in actual market events.

I also try to touch base with fellow entrepreneurs and make authentic connections as often as possible! I'm constantly researching better ways to support my clients in their decluttering and organizing sessions, and remembering to take time for my own self-development.

LJ: What do you love most about working for yourself?

KM: I love the creative freedom that comes with the experience. But I think the best part about owning your own business is that it becomes a part of your own personal growth.

When you own a business, you're often pushed out of your comfort zone – which is frightening, but also very exciting! I've met so many amazingly talented and kind-natured entrepreneurs. Each person and team I've encountered has had their own unique spark that's made working with them such a pleasure!

Working solo has its pros and cons, but I see more pros. You can find positive alternatives by meeting up regularly with other self-employed folks to vent about our career paths, but also to celebrate the milestones and progress.

LJ: It's fairly common to get bogged down by feelings of impostor syndrome & underachievement. Tell us about a brag-worthy milestone you're proud of!

KM: Yes, so common!

I'm still working on the imposter syndrome feeling. But I admit, I feel proud of my progress. I've learned so much in such a short amount of time!

I'm proud that I've kept moving forward, even though I sometimes felt uncomfortable reaching out for my goals. I feel proud of my accomplishment in helping so many people get sorted.

I've had the opportunity to transform tons of spaces and homes, and I know it's had a positive impact on the mental health of my clients. That is truly a blessing!

LJ: In business, setbacks and failures are a part of the road to success. What drives you forward when times are particularly tough?

KM: Optimism keeps me going. I consider all "failures" as valuable lessons. Setbacks are all a part of the rollercoaster of emotions that is entrepreneurship! My optimism is always there for me, and I tend to seek out motivating and inspiring women to remind me to keep moving forward.

The biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur is the unpredictability of your circumstances, and the negativity of your inner voice. One month you might feel like you're on top of the world, and the next month you might feel completely burnt out.

It's especially tough in the beginning, when you're trying to learn as much as you can, from building a website to marketing strategies that work best in your area to deciding on a customer service strategy – all while bringing your brand to life!

You can spend all your time doing your research and preparing to launch, but you really won’t know what will work for your business until you experience it. If you'd told me two years ago that I was going to start my own business, create social media accounts and consistent content to build my brand, I wouldn’t have believed you! I was very intimidated by the thought of even admitting that I wanted to start my own business and showcase to the world that I had something to offer.

LJ: What single piece of advice would you offer to a budding new entrepreneur?

KM: Follow your gut and learn what your core values are. The combination of knowing your core values sets the foundation for your business. Trusting your intuition is important because you know what's best for you and your business.

You're capable of more than you even realize. Entrepreneurial life will push you way out of your comfort zone, but it will also show you how resilient you are! And you'll be amazed by the incredible community of women you meet in the process.

I highly recommend joining an entrepreneurial networking group for women in your local area. You’ll find endless inspiration, motivation, and feel empowered to take your business to the next level. Community is so valuable; you need not be alone in your business journey!

LJ: What do you hold to be 'sacred' and non-negotiable in your business practices?

KM: Knowing your values is integral to forming a strong business foundation, in my opinion. I've learned to base many of my business and personal decisions on my core values, which are: empathy, community, equality, persistence, and self-actualization.

Through my business development, I experience personal development. I am constantly improving myself so that I can provide the best service experience to my clients!

LJ: What's something you wish an experienced entrepreneur had warned you about when you were first starting out?

I wish I'd known that making sales doesn’t have to be or feel "sale-sy." I've learned that if you speak from a place of alignment, authentic sales conversations will happen. Also, you need to relax and enjoy the ride!

LJ: Where can we find you on social media?



Facebook: @getsortedwithkelsey

Instagram: @getsortedwithkelsey


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