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I'm Hiring! - Seeking Social Media / Personal Assistant ASAP

I'm a busy, work-at-home entrepreneur with 4 businesses and things have gotten a little chaotic around here!

I'm looking for an awesome assistant to help keep me on track!

Location: Dundas West near Dufferin in Toronto / work remotely sometimes

Hours: 30 - 40 hours a week

This is an entry level position helping with a wide range of tasks to help support me as I grow my businesses.

About half the job will be social media and marketing related:

  • creating graphics and posts for FB and insta

  • editing photos

  • etc.

Approximately 25% of the job is personal tasks including:

  • laundry

  • dog walks

  • errands, tidying

  • packing/unpacking my stuff from a business trip

  • etc.

Another 25% is basic admin:

  • answering emails

  • getting receipts to the bookkeeper

  • filing papers, filling out forms

  • research

  • etc.

** Must love dogs because these two (Walter and Louie) are part of the deal. They will need walks!

The ideal candidate:

  • is positive, energetic and fun to be around

  • is cool with the chaotic nature of this position

  • is an awesome communicator

  • is responsible, reliable and committed

  • loves to learn and grow

  • is creative, strong visual sense

  • has good grammar and writing skills

  • can take direction AND takes initiative

  • problem solver

  • driver's license is a bonus

I really need someone who is going to like being around me, learning and growing, and just taking on whatever needs doing.

I get that this job isn't for everyone, and that's OK. I just need to get this stuff off my plate so I can focus more of my time on the work that needs doing to move my businesses forward faster.

This is me on Facebook, so you can get a sense of my personality and see if you think this job may be a fit for you.

What you'll get out of it: (aside from the $$$)

My ideal situation is that you grow with me long-term, taking on more responsibility and moving to new positions as my businesses grow.

You'll learn a TON about marketing and business and you'll be helping me shape my business of the future. You'll be helping me create your own future opportunities.

The person running my fashion boutique business joined at entry level 8 years ago. She not only runs the whole business now, we've become great friends. When the fit is right, I love nothing more than creating win-win situations and awesome relationships with the people who work with me.

I really pour my heart and soul into my work and the people on my team, and I look for people who want that and reciprocate.

If you have the right skills and personality, this could be the start of a really cool career for you!

How to apply:

To apply, please create something just like this post convincing me that you're the right candidate (could be a post somewhere or a PDF) and email me at

Please show your creativity and personality, as well as willingness to do an awesome job! Include images, links to work you may have done online etc.

All humans of any gender welcome to apply.

Special consideration given to quirky misfits with big hearts.

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

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