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Get SERIOUS About Working ON Your Business!

Join Michelene Maguire and I for our next online book club.

This book is no walk in the park! It's not for the faint of heart.

No fun little insights to get and then carry on doing things the way you have been doing them.

This book club is for Women Growing Empires!

If you have big dreams and are willing to do the work, join us.

Emyth Mastery is a DENSE read and it contains EVERYTHING you need to know about making your business amazing.

It's for solopreneurs and founders of large companies alike.

Our book club will help you through the book as we share in a Facebook group how we've applied the ideas in the book all throughout July.

On July 31st, we'll host a Zoom meeting to discuss.

*** If you are not seeing a sign-up box below, visit this page to sign up. There is a tech glitch being worked on that only happens in certain browsers! - July 5, 2019

Who are your hosts?

I'm a Business Coach and entrepreneur in Toronto with 4 businesses. I've been in business for myself since 1994, when I started my fashion label, Fresh Baked Goods. That business morphed into my fashion design and retail business Fresh Collective. I love dogs, Indian food, my boyfriend and my kids.

Mich Maguire is a former VP of Marketing who grew a company to $24 million. She left the corporate world to have more time with her son and started her own marketing agency, Maguire Marketing Group. She lives and breathes marketing campaigns that work and has a passion for helping small business owners think and grow big!

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