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Welcome to the Unfuck Your Business Club! 


Finally, a year-long structure for success totally customized for you. 


A 12 month group program where you get:

  • Accountability

  • Strategy

  • A financial plan

  • Emotional support

  • Trainings and coaching as needed

  • Individual coaching and support


Did I mention you also get me? 


I'm Laura-Jean. I've been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. 


I have 4 businesses in 4 different industries and as a coach I help business owners who are ready to unfuck their businesses and make more money than they ever even dared set their sights on.

Let's face it. At some point, every business is at least a little bit fucked. It's not producing the profit it could. The owner has lost passion. Or it's just not set up to grow.

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You've undoubtedly experienced this: you get all excited for a new strategy and plan to grow your business. You invest. Buy a new course or program. You create a bunch of material and get started.


But very quickly, sometimes within even the first few steps, you start to falter.


You come up against something you don't know how to do. Or you don't want to do. 


You get afraid. You stop believing in yourself. That voice in your head starts to natter. 


Then life gets in the way. Your kid gets sick. Your dog gets sick. You get sick. 


Your roof leaks, your basement floods... and before you know it the plan is long forgotten and months go by.


Another year has past and your business hasn't moved forward. 


Why do most plans fail?


1 The strategy sucks


In this program, I work with you individually to make sure your plan is sound and the strategy makes sense both for you and for your business.


2 The plan is incomplete


We'll also make sure that the plan includes any support you need to execute it fully.


For example, if you need to get into marketing mode but you don't know how, we'll make sure you budget to pay for marketing or you get the training you need.


3 The plan doesn't include money


So weird how many business owners are in the dark about their finances! But I get it. Money can be scary!


In this program we look at your expenses and set sales goals so you can measure the results of your actions as you go along.


4 You lose track


Without a structure, it's easy to forget what actions you even planned to take on, let alone follow through on them. In this program we exercise the muscle of long term planning and follow through so you can succeed over the long run. When you stay on track it will blow your mind what you can accomplish in a year!

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5 Accountability

What do you want to be held accountable for? How would you like that accountability? A weekly email? A phone check in? A kick in the butt and a reminder how awesome you are every time you say "I can't"? The group will have your back!


6 Emotional support


You'll hit walls when upleveling your business. You're gonna have those moments where you're paralyzed by fear to take on new actions. Or you might need help picking yourself up when things aren't going as planned. You will never be alone in this program. 


When you ask for help, you will get it. I promise. 


This is a big one for me. I was a "lone wolf" for most of my career as an entrepreneur. I cried so many tears and had bouts of depression because I felt I couldn't let people see me at my weakest. I was so afraid I was going to go bankrupt and be a huge embarrassing public failure. And I suffered deeply for all that hiding out I did.


I'm committed to providing you a loving and supportive community that will always see the best in you and help you see it too. 


7 Know how. 


Mindset and strategy are awesome but without the know how, the actions just can't happen effectively. As we work through the program, you get access to my 25+ years of experience in building my 4 businesses from the ground up. 


Want to know how to have a powerful sales conversation without feeling sales-y? 


Can't quite figure out how to put together a marketing funnel? 


Not getting out the door to those networking events because you don't know how to introduce yourself?

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Whatever has got you stuck we're going to get you from knowing what to do to knowing HOW to do it, effectively and confidently. 


Throughout this program I'll be downloading my brain into bite-sized tutorials that you can easily access and learn from as needed. 


I'll also be making up the program according to the needs of the group and scheduling special sessions and trainings for whatever people are dealing with. 


I'll bring in experts to help you deal with whatever is coming up for you as it's coming up. 


My promise to you is that I'm 100% committed to your success and satisfaction that you are getting what you need. 

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You get:

* Daily support as needed in the Facebook group

* A personal strategy plan, structure and accountability

* A customized financial dashboard to manage your monthly budget and goals

* A customized plan (we create together) for the next 12 months

* Ongoing trainings and tutorials based on the needs of the group

* Zoom meetings twice a month

* Check-in's with LJ via text as needed

* One monthly one-on-one hour with LJ

Basically, you get access to my brain for a year. 25 years of experience building small businesses from scratch and you have full permission to ask me anything.

Your investment for the year is $7999 or $750 a month for 12 months.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you've read this far, I know you want to join. Just imagine what you can create over 12 months with support and know-how at your fingertips! You'll be on FIRE!

And I get it. The money is scary.

But something happens when you put money on the line. You have to make it work. You will rise to a new level you don't now have access to. I promise.


In our initial 60-minute strategy call, we will have a frank discussion about money and your business – where you’re at, what your mindset is right now, and look at your business to see where you can make more money.


If, after that call, we’re not both SUPER excited about working together and pushing through the hard stuff to make with work together, then we won’t go ahead. I'll refund every penny you've paid so far.


I want success in your business, and our relationship is one of the key parts of this program.

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