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3 - Month Coaching Package

Best suited for an established entrepreneur at any level who wants to address one or more areas of their business. This business owner has a good handle on much of the business but knows they have some gaps in knowledge or areas to develop.

Examples include:

- expanding your social media strategy with creative collaborations, shareable and engaging content

- creating an operations manual for your business with clear systems that produce the results you want

- creating financial forecasts and the strategy to fulfill on them

- preparing for your first hire (defining the job, preparing the ad, planning the interview process etc.)

- planning a strategy to scale your business

- analyzing your pricing and expenses and finding ways to make more profit

- creating a formal business plan to apply for funding

- a strategy for your personal brand - how you show up online and in-person and building your community

- a media strategy - press releases to get you on the news and recognized as an expert

- injecting more joy and authenticity into your business and life

- establishing SMART goals and create mechanisms for accountability

- setting up a Business Dashboard to organize, plan and track success in your business

- developing exit strategies for business succession or sale

- leadership skills to inspire and lead teams effectively and the policies and procedures for a great workplace 

The Structure

During our 3 months of working together, we craft the strategy over the first month in 4 - 60 minute calls. 

You get ongoing support by text or email for the 3 months, as well as 3 - 15 minute emergency calls if you need to get hyped up for a meeting, go over something to move forward or just need a pep talk. 

My goal is to develop a relationship with you, knowing you and your business and keeping our discussions in mind so I can be a support to you as needed during the 3 months. 

Below is the minimum you'll get. I find this structure serves most clients well, but I'm not stingy with my time. If you need a couple extra emergency calls, or even an extra hour session, I would never want to leave a client high and dry. You'll get what you need to complete on what we set out to do in your business.



  • 4- 60 minute strategy sessions (first month)

  • Ongoing support by email or text for 3 months

  • 2 monthly 60 min. one-on-one calls with me

  • 3- 15 minute "emergency calls" as needed

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