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6- Month Coaching Package

This is all about a major transformation whether you're starting a business or looking to grow or scale an existing one. 


For new entrepreneurs:

Best suited for a new entrepreneur who would like a lot of instruction and hand-holding to build the foundation of your business and get it up and running.


I'll teach you how to think, act and make decisions like a CEO.


We'll build out every area of your business - marketing, branding, building your community or audience, choosing a strong, sustainable and profitable business model.


We'll work on your mindset so you believe you are the one who can do it, create a financial dashboard to plan and track your results.


We'll turn even the most timid newbie into a confident and strong, natural and authentic salesperson. 

You'll be completely amazed at where you are at the end of this package - a confident and savvy business owner with a solid foundation and a profitable plan for the future. 

For established entrepreneurs:

Often people get their business started by flying by the seat of their pants, and that's wonderful! Action oriented people are awesome to work with and I know them well - I'm definitely one myself.


However this can result in a business that lives in the founders head with a lack of systems, organization and ability to grow.


You may not know where to focus or how to grow, what your best opportunities for profit are or how to think bigger and more creatively. You may even be wondering if this is all there is and it's time to give up.


It's hard to get outside yourself and your business when you're so deep in it; to see things from a high-level view and make changes when you're so used to - and maybe sick of-  the way things have been for so long.

This package is a great opportunity to review what's working in your business and what's not. We can create documented systems that produce measurable results so you can start hiring, or setting your existing staff up for success, for example. 

We can create a plan for the future and the roadmap to get there, building on the strengths in your business while making sure the business is serving your life, maximizing profits and running as smoothly as possible.

If you're tired of putting out fires, dealing with staff turnover or other recurring problems, stress and not nearly enough money as your dream business is more of a nightmarish reality, this is the package for you. 

And if you're happy with your progress so far, and love your business passionately but just don't really know how to make more money, this is the package for you. 


This is a text I got from a newbie who told me her biggest fear was selling. She sent me this after 4 weeks of us working together to set up her brand new business. 

By 4 weeks later she was up to 4 clients. 

The best part? When she started with me she planned to charge $2000 a year for each client. I revised her package and pricing and brought the price up to $5400 per year which is amazing value for her clients and good profit for her.

This text came through in the evening, so we set up a time to talk in the morning so she was confident about her next steps with the client. 

By month 3 we were planning the broad strokes of how she would start hiring and build the business beyond just herself. 

*Text images like this are always only shared with permission. 

This text came from a lovely client who had a lot of fears about whether she could make her dream business come true. She had been writing freelance for just one client at $20 an hour and came from a "don't quit your day job" kind of family. 

She had dreams of a writing business, helping entrepreneurs tell their stories and  crafting compelling copy for them. 

But her fears would sometimes get the best of her so we talked a lot about having an entrepreneurial mindset and believing in herself as someone who could make it work. 

In a short time, she  was thrilled to have a $6000 month with packages she created to get out of the dollars per hour rut. 

You can read her story here.


The Structure

My goal is to develop a relationship with you, knowing you and your business and keeping our discussions in mind so I can be a support to you as needed during the 6 months. 

Below is the minimum you'll get. I find this structure serves most clients well, but I'm not stingy with my time. If you need a couple extra emergency calls, or even an extra hour session, I would never want to leave a client high and dry. You'll get what you need to complete on what we set out to do in your business.


  • A full business analysis and strategy plan

  • A Business Dashboard for planning, tracking, KPI's and more

  • 4- 60 minute strategy sessions (first month)

  • 2 60-minute calls per month (or 4 30-minute calls)

  • a 2 hour strategy session mid-way to check progress and evaluate

  • 6 - 15minute bonus calls as needed

  • Ongoing support by email or text for the 6 months

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