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I've been practicing lettering for fun and as a form of meditation and relaxation for a few months now.  I started doing inspirational quotes - you know the famous ones we all know and love - but then realized I have so many quotable women in my community of entrepreneurs, why not quote them!?


This is an ongoing and growing fun project so check back often!  These are free for the taking for your own use, to print and display in your home or office, or to share on social media. I just ask that you don't alter them and please credit both me (@laurajeanbizcoach) and the person who is quoted.  Thanks for enjoying!

Karla Smith

Personal Transformation Coach

Karla's work centers around self-love and practical tools to manage difficult situations and emotions. She is amazing, warm, loving and inspiring; always a joy to be around.

I'm a member of her Monday Mantra Collective, which really helps kick off my week with energy, inspiration and intention. Each week is a different theme, and a chance to look into places in our lives and see how things are going and what we want to shift.


She also has a brand new product - a set of Morning Mantra Cards so you can incorporate a positive intention into every morning at home! Karla is a fantastic listener, wise and caring and - lucky me - one of my business besties!

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Andra Wochesen

Energy Coach for Industry Leaders & Business Owners at Andra Wochesen Coaching

Andra is one of the most truly lovely people I know. I've been her client twice (maybe 3 times now that I think of it!) and she's really helped me manage my anxious energy as I've gone through some big transitions in life.


This quote was something she posted on social media and it resonated big time! It's exactly what she's helped me with - managing the messiness as I uplevel and all the stuff comes up!


Her support has helped me zoom through levels fast as I've grown my various businesses over the years, and I'm so proud and lucky to count Andra as one of my friends.

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