What a Difference a Year Makes!

This morning I found a journal I had been planning in around this time last year.

At that time, I was working almost full-time at Fresh Collective, my main business.

My coaching business was a very part-time side hustle that was very promising, exciting and growing - but I was working on making the time to devote to growing it while keeping everything else going smoothly.

Sound familiar?

So many entrepreneurs get stuck here.

Either they have a full-time job they want to quit to focus on their business.

Or their business is at a place where they feel like they're going full out just maintaining it, and they can't get to the growth and expansion work they know is necessary to get to the next level.

So how do you get to that "next level"? And why does it always seem so hard?

Reading that journal, I was struck by the difference a year makes when you take intentional action.

Now, my coaching business is my main gig. It's on track to do over 10X in revenue over 2018.

Fresh Collective is being run mostly without me. And I opened a new business in the meantime - The Space for Wellness.

Upleveling isn't rocket science. It's a matter of 3 elements:

1) Make a plan - Decide what you want and when you want it. Figure out the steps to get there. Create milestones along the way. Break it down and then take the actions.

2) Follow through day by day - Change happens slower than we'd like. It feels like we're not making progress, even though the change is happening. It's just slower than we'd like so we don't see or feel it all the time.

3) Track your progress - Whether you journal, use spreadsheets or use any other method, having something you can look back on and see the steps unfolding over time and celebrate your successes.

Better yet, have people with you on the journey (a great coach... ahem) to remind you how awesome you are and how far you've come.

We can talk about planning and time management until the cows come home, but the magic ingredient in this "upleveling" process is a belief in yourself.

What's typical is that people get stopped on taking those small actions day by day because they don't believe they can do it.

It's a leap of faith to change your life. And that's the hard part.

Change takes time.

Three months is often when you start to see and feel a shift.

Six months and things start to look different.

A full year of decisive actions, tracked milestones, putting one foot in front of the other... that's what causes transformation.

That's when you look back and think, "Wow. Was that how I was living a year ago?"

And you get to stand in that place and not even recognize that old life.

So how do you stay on track, taking those daily actions, believing in yourself and your ability to make it all work, every day for a full year?

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