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Bricks, Mortar, Heart and Soul - A Blog Series

Brick and mortar businesses are what makes a city unique. They make communities lively and fun, and give people a reason to come out of their homes to mingle and connect.

And, being a retailer since 1998, I know very well the risks and rewards of owning this type of business.

My Kensington storefront in the 90's.

This blog series is to feature brick and mortar businesses and share what goes on behind the scenes!

Are you a store owner with heart and soul? Let me feature you and your business on my blog and social media.

Here are the easy steps:

1) Fill out this form.

2) Send 5-6 great pictures of your store, your products and YOU in your store to

Then we'll be in touch!

Priority will be given to submissions with great stories and lovely photos, and we'll be publishing one a week.

Thanks so much! I look forward to finding out about your awesome shop!



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