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The Fresh Collective Affiliate Program!

Love fashion? Love earning money?

The Fresh Collective Affiliate Program is looking for YOU!

Check out details here.

I am so freakin' excited about this next step merging my coaching business with my fashion business in my Fresh Collective Affiliate Program!


Because I love, more than anything in the world, working with women on business!

My favourite things, after all these years, turn out to be collaborations like Fresh Collective Style Profiles and our Role Models Program.

I've also had tons of fun with collaborations supporting emerging designers to help them succeed at business. For example, you can check out our Fresh Start Program and the Must-Have Summer Dress Competition with Art of Fashion.

Who's an ideal FC Affiliate?

A woman who is :

  • authentic, joyful and down-to-earth

  • entrepreneurial

  • loves to be creative

  • has a social media audience

  • wants to learn and grow

  • is committed to making things work

  • and, of course, loves Fresh Collective and our style!

Our customers are typically 35-60+ ish, so if you have an audience of women in that demographic, you're well suited to it.

Do you have to be a fashion model type?

God, no! Our customers are real women - teachers, administrators, therapists, creative types and entrepreneurs.

They LOVE the realness of our brand, the wearability of our clothes and seeing a variety of women in our marketing. That's been at the core of our marketing all these years.

Our clothes fit size 4 - 16, and we love to represent that full range of sizes in our marketing.

This is especially perfect for certain network marketers who have a business in:

  • skincare and cosmetics

  • health and wellness

  • fashion accessories

It's also a great fit for:

  • life coaches

  • fitness and health coaches

  • lifestyle bloggers

  • mom bloggers

  • jewellery designers

  • crafts people

  • and more

If you already sell fashion (you're a designer, retailer or e-tailer) you can join our program to offer more selection to your audience and make more money!

From now until September 30, 2019, this program is in the beta-phase.

Special bonuses for signing on before July 31*, 2019:

1) You will be featured on my coaching and Fresh Collective social media to showcase what it's like to be an affiliate.

This will be amazing exposure for whatever else you'd like to promote (i.e. your core business).

2) You'll get extra support from me, one-on-one and in the private Facebook affiliate support group, as I develop the program and figure out how best to coach the affiliates to success.

3) Beta group affiliates will get special bonuses (deeper discounts, freebies) as rewards for reaching certain levels to help us get momentum going in the program fast!

So what are you waiting for? If this sounds cool to you, let's chat!

Email me at to start the conversation.

xoxox- Laura-Jean

*Limited to 10 Affiliates - first come, first serve!

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