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Struggling with Social Media? Don't know how to find your ideal clients? Holding back on posting because you're so unsure of yourself? Little or no engagement when you do post? I can help! 

This is a 6-week online group coaching program designed for entrepreneurs who want to master using social media confidently and strategically for their business. Even if you're a beginner, you'll be able to find new clients, build your network and spread the word far and wide about your amazing business in just a few short weeks! 

In this program we'll cover:


- differentiating your brand with your content; truly standing out from your competition

- making creative engaging content that makes people want to buy

- building your audience

- creating an actual strategy and being able to measure the results (how great would that feel?)

- techniques to make content creation easy, fun and efficient

- understanding how to turn prospects into buyers

- understanding photography, video, lighting and editing so your pictures and videos look amazing!

- those pesky algorithms and how your posts can get more reach


And so much more! 


We'll also work on the mindset shifts it takes to:

- understand how to build real relationships on social media

- commit to a strategy and follow through on it

- get over the fears that keep you stuck and not taking action

- stop worrying what people might think! 

This program is for you if you're:

- never sure what to post

- posting and getting no engagement

- unsure if your marketing is working (or sure your marketing is NOT working!)

- shy about posting videos and selfies

- lacking a strategy on social media

- afraid to step up and be the face of your business

- wasting tons of time on social media 

- not getting enough new followers and don't know how to

Each camper (this is a fall camp after all!) will get individualized help setting goals, creating a strategy that will work for their business and executing that strategy. 


This is not a cookie cutter program at all. Everything will be customized to you, and I'm right there helping you every step of the way. 

Who am I? 

I've been an entrepreneur with several businesses since 1994. Social media has been a huge part of my marketing strategy since it was invented! It helped me build a 7-figure fashion retail business and a 6-figure coaching business.


Every single day women came into my stores because they saw things they wanted to buy on social media. I've even been recognized out in public as if I'm famous because I appear in most of my posts. 




My first brand Fresh Baked Goods was a knitwear company. This is me circa 1995 way before social media was a thing.


You get:


- weekly group zoom meetings Tuesdays at 9 am (recorded)

- six 30 minute 1 on 1 calls with me 

- daily support available in our private Facebook group

- an individualized strategy with goals that suit your business

- custom made video trainings and tutorials as needed

- support in making a social media calendar for your business

- daily ongoing support via messenger 

My promise is to be there for you whatever you need.


Sometimes it's practical detailed how-to instructions and I'll make you a short video showing you exactly how to do something. Other times, it's a bit of hand-holding and encouragement as you try new things and expand yourself. 

(Published with permission from one of my lovely clients.)

Using social media effectively to grow your business is both an art and a science. You'll be shocked at how much you'll accomplish in our 6 weeks together!


But don't just take my word for it.


Let's hear from some happy clients:

"If you are looking for results with your social media - Laura-Jean is your gal! As my business coach - she took 1/2 hour to teach me how I could increase my following on Instagram. That single lesson alone resulted in a 32% increase in my # of followers!!! I now feel more confident in my strategy for interacting with my audience and in my growth potential. Can’t wait to learn more!” -Alison Verge, Path2love Coaching

"Working with Laura-Jean has been the BEST choice I have ever made for my business (and my life!). She gave me creative strategies to gain followers and drive traffic to my social media outlets with her first hand knowledge of how to go from 0-1000 members in her FB group in 30 days!). Her story of success is so inspiring that I know I can build a 7 figure business too! My results so far: tripled my income to over 10k a month, 3 months in a row!" - O.P. 

"She asks just the right questions and brings a wealth of personal and practical experience to her advisory role. I honest-to-god feel like she saved me from ten years of flailing in just 2 months. 

The combination of her know-how and creativity are just the things I needed to put my jet-packs on."   -- J.H. 

"She can really help you get to the heart of what your business is about and can inspire you to face all of its day-to-day challenges. She’ll even have you doing things that you didn’t think you had in you!" -- J.R. 

"Her expertise on social media provided focus (goodbye Twitter, hello Facebook video) and presence. My business is flourishing and I can truly say I have a job I love, making money while I help people secure their future."  -- F.D. 

"Laura-Jean’s business coaching provides me with a unique and special service because she tailors her work with me to me, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach." -- A.A. 

Imagine the difference it'll make when you know just how to get all the clients you need! When you post on social media and people want to buy!


If you're struggling on social media and want a game-changer, this is it! 

Dates: Sept. 20 - Oct. 31

** We have a group zoom meeting every Tuesday at 9 am. If you miss any, they will be recorded and posted in our private Facebook group.  If you have a vacation planned during the program, that's not a problem. You'll still get tons of value and you can easily catch up on any missed material - even after the program finishes. You can also keep up with the program in just minutes a day from anywhere you have internet. Social media is something that really can fit into the nooks and crannies of your life - without being a huge chore - when you know how to use it! 

Whatever your fall looks like, you'll be able to move through the program at your own pace with lots of support from me and the group. 

Ready to commit? Great! 

Sign up and pay below. 


The regular price is $1500 + HST for a total of $1695

Want in? Save $300 and sign up now.

Your early bird* price is just  $1200+ HST!

(must purchase before Sept. 8, 2021 for this special price!

Tempted but not sure?  

Book a call with me! 

I'll answer all your questions and you can decide if it's right for your business.  

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